About the Sport of O-Mok-See

O-Mok-See is a Blackfeet Indian word meaning 'riding big dance'. To the Saddle Clubs across Montana O-Mok-See has become a timed-event sport for western riders who race four at a time against each other and the clock testing their speed and skill. Going 40 mph on a horse feels more like 90!
O-Mok-See is a sport the whole family can enjoy on horseback, dividing the contestants into eight age groups, beginning with Under 8 riders. There are three youth divisions and five adult divisions. The men's and women's groups are separate except for team and pair events where all adults compete together. Several families have three generations competing at the annual State O-Mok-See.
The O-Mok-See Races are run in lanes 165 ft. long and 30 ft. wide. White chalk marks the lane lines. Riders must not cross over the lines with all four feet of their horse or they are DQ'ed. (disqualified) With everyone racing all out, this is a necessary saftey rule and increases the difficulty of the races, requiring control as well as speed.
To get involved in O-Mok-See join a local Saddle Club that is affiliated with the Montana Saddle Clubs Association (MSCA), and be eligible to compete at State and Nationals this summer! For information about the clubs in your area contact the closest:

District Director or State Officer.

Father-son duo Doug and Jack Norman paired up to win the Just N Other Pair race at the 2004 State O-Mok-See held in Big Sandy.
Jodi barrel races Patrick. In O-Mok-See the barrel race is called Cloverleaf and the traditional pattern is run around 30 gallon white barrels. Adding extra difficulty is the narrow 30 ft. timer line in O-Mok-See Cloverleaf.
With a 40 ft. 'Score Line', 75' between barrels 1 and 2, and Barrel 3 on the turning line (165' from the timer) a low 18 second or any 17 second run is excellent and compares to a 17 second run on a "Standard" (60' Score, 90' between 1st & 2nd, and 105' from 2nd to 3rd) Rodeo Barrel Racing pattern.

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